GO’s Improved and More Sustainable Operations Inspired by Setting Example: GO Green Training

In 2020, GO established GO Green, which is one of the pillars supporting GO’s purpose of driving a digital Malta where no one is left behind.

GO Green is an initiative through which GO can focus on reducing emissions, becoming more environment friendly and conducting operations in a more sustainable manner.

This year, GO had a major training initiative organised by its Academy as part the GO Green initiative. This training, which consisted of online modules, surveys and a workshop was open to all employees and over 80% attended. Earlier this month, the training was also provided to GO’s EXCOM Members as well as the Company’s Board of Directors. This training has also led to a set of important commitments that GO will be carrying out through various working teams with the ultimate aim to reduce emissions across all the organization’s operations.

During the ESDW, GO will be promoting this initiative through its various media channels.


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