French ministry of agriculture and food sovereignty

During the european heritage days 2022, the ministry of agriculture and food sovereignty celebrates Sustainable Development Goals

The aim is to let people discover how the ministry is involved in the sustainable development goals. The ministry will present to the visitors the kind of actions and commitments in this field and explain the ways to achieve its goals.

The students belonging to the network of eco-responsible agricultural education will present to the public their actions and their network, made up of 6000 eco-responsible in France. Accompanied by their referent teachers, they will lead a quiz on sustainable development.

– The Solaal association, which facilitates the organization of food donations from agricultural sectors, will present its actions. It will offer visitors a quiz aimed at raising public awareness of food waste, and will provide some good advice thanks to an anti-waste recipe book.

– 14 agricultural high school present and sell their productions (food, wines, flowers on a market open place)

A l'occasion des journées européennes du patrimoine le ministère de l'agriculture et de la souveraineté alimentaire ouvre ses portes pour sensibiliser le grand public sur les actions de développement durable menées dans le secteur agricole. Pour atteindre ses objectifs, il s'appuie sur la force de ses lycées agricoles pleinement engagés dans les actions de développement durable fort d'un réseau dynamique de plus de 6000 jeunes eco-responsables.

L'association Solaal présentera ses actions et son réseau et expliquera aux visiteurs sa politique de don alimentaire et de sensibilisation sur le gaspillage alimentaire

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