Follow The Frog 2020

Follow the Frog is Rainforest Alliance annual campaign designed to build brand awareness and value and increase loyalty while communicating about sustainability commitments

Follow the Frog is helping consumers make better choices, from changing small everyday habits to purchasing with purpose by looking out for our frog seal on products. 

How can you participate?

Partnering companies choose to do many different activities to highlight their work with the Rainforest Alliance—from engaging in social media to in-store and promotional events, media outreach to employee education. These are some examples:

Engage in social media across portals, tagging the Rainforest Alliance and using the hashtag #FollowTheFrog

Use our downloadable materials online, in-store or in the office – or create your own

Create videos, GIFs, or other engaging content

Host an event for customers, employees or distributors

Offer a special promotion, contest, or giveaway

Undertake media and PR outreach, blogs or articles

Organize engaging educational activities for your employees


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