Filter Time Trial Cup Stage 3 – Kiili

Recreational cycling and running event contributing to SDGs 3 and 11 – good health and well being, and sustainable cities and communities.

Filter Time Trial Cup unites classic time trial cycling and time trial running. Depending on the event, cyclists participate either individually or in pairs on a 10-25 km long track. Time trial runs are 5 km long timed road runs. The 3rd stage of the race series takes place in Kiili, where the cycling race is in pairs and 25 km long, and the road run is 5 km long. Filter Time Trial races are aimed at cyclists and runners of all levels and strive to promote a healthy lifestyle and encourage people to take part in recreational sports events.

Filter Temposari ühendab endas klassikalise temposõidu ja tempojooksud. Temposõidud on sõltuvalt etapist kas paaris- või eraldistardi formaadis ning 10-25 km. Tempojooksud on 5 km pikkused ajavõtuga maanteejooksud. Kiilis toimub sarja 3. etapp, kus paarissõidu distantsiks on 25 km ja jooksudistantsiks 5 km. Filter Temposarja võistlused on suunatud igal tasemel rattaspordi ja jooksmisega tegelevatele inimestele.

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