Event at Dar Christine Shelter and Therapy Centre

Exhibition at Dar Christine, a shelter, therapy and support centre for parents and children in parental alienation cases.

Happy Parenting – Malta (For Happier Children) is inviting the public with an Open Day and Art Exhibition to “Dar Christine”. The shelter and therapy centre Dar Christine is intended to eventually offer support to families in distress because of parental alienation (PA).

PA is when children are being turned against one parent. Unresolved pique escalates; one parent is forced out of the family home with little or no access to the children. Victims end up lawyer-hopping hoping for the truth to be revealed. PA affects all races and genders world-wide and affects all layers of society.

The NGO supports PA victims with counselling, food, donations and the shelter where therapy will be carried out. Happy Parenting – Malta (For Happier Children) supports Malta’s first reunification therapy programmes.

The NGO’s instructors will be present for those who would wish guidance regarding the youth competitions taking place during the ESDW.


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