The creation of a career and professional Master’s degree to encourage sustainability within sports organisations and their activities.

These projects will involve the creation of the below career and professional Master’s degrees:

Environment Protection Manager

• To help sports organisations to comply with the SDGs

• To be able to reduce the climate impact of the organisations and events

• To use sports in order to create social awareness on climate change, social inclusion and sustainability

• To create sports and development projects

• To be able to modernise the process of the organisations in order to go paperless and reduce the impact of the administration activities and the organisation

International Sea and River Explorer Projects

• To help the river explorer improve the quality of water and marine life

• To increase the sustainability of water sports

• To create activities aiming to achieve good health and well-being trough water sports

• To increase awareness on climate change, with a focus on reducing the impact of sports on the environment

• To create sustainable sport activities at the grassroots level


Theme category

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