Energy Observer Ship in Helsinki

Energy Observer is a ship acting against climate change. It is the first ship in the world running with hydrogen. No greenhouse gas or fine particle emissions. Come and see the ship in Helsinki.

Hydrogen is the most abundant chemical element in the world. It releases energy four times more than coal, three times more than diesel and 2.5 times more than natural gas. Thus, it offers an interesting energy source option while fighting against the climate change.

Energy Observer is a ship acting against climate change and moving away from fossil fuels dependency. It is the first ship in the world that runs with hydrogen. Hydrogen is taken from seawater via electrolysis. The ship is sailing with zero greenhouse gas and fine particle emissions. It is on a world tour with a power of hydrogen – soon to be in Helsinki. You may follow its journey and see more information from here: Come and see the ship in Helsinki on June 7th–10th.

Energy Observer on maailman ensimmäinen vedyllä kulkeva laiva. Vedyn se saa merivedestä. Ei kasvihuonekaasupäästöjä – ei pienhiukkaspäästöjä. Laiva on maailmanympärysmatkalla näyttääkseen mallia siitä, kuinka siirrytään kohti riippumattomuutta fossiilisista polttoaineista. Lisää tietoa laivasta ja sen seikkailuista voit lukea täältä:

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