Contest “Making Global Goals Local Practice”

Making Global Goals Local Practice is a contest promoted by ISPRA for the collection of environmental good practices, to understand how to translate SDGs into local operational choices

Through the project GELSO Local management for sustainability, ISPRA launches a contest for good practices of implementation at local level of Sustainable Development Goals, to help understand how to bring SDGs in local operational choices and how to orient the strategies and actions of various actors towards a sustainable development.

Participation is open to local authorities, environmental agencies, research institutes, schools and universities, associations, individuals who want to be promoters of projects under implementation or to be implemented during the five-year period 2012-2017. Reference documents can be found on the site Applications must be submitted by May and will be subject to a preliminary selection for eligibility to the contest and published on GELSO website. Winners will be selected through an online poll that will be open during the ESDW.

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