Connecting community

Vestigium is connecting community trough:
– Yoga workshops
– CSA Farmers market, veggie boxes
– Creative workshops
– Book swaps

Association was created in 2011 by six local women in the Vrbani neighbourhood (city of Zagreb), a densly populated area with few facilities and little social cohesion, with the aim to organise a multifunctional space for various citizens’ initiatives for local community development and their activities.

Listening to the needs of its neighbours and fellow citizens, Vestigium recognised many of the problems the community faces – growing distances among people, lack of places for gathering and socialising, lack of activities for children and adults. Also, the materialistic value system contributes to the increasing exclusion of families with children and older persons. Vestigium responds to these needs.

As the founders became mothers, they became aware of the disadvantages of the area. Vrbani is a young neighborhood inhabited by families with children, but was missing basic services such as a library, health centre or food market. For 8 years Vestigium has been providing some of these and many other services and programmes, and is now recognised for its CSA farmers’ market, free library, school garden, swapshops, as well as various events, talks and workshops on topics such as healthy lifestyles, cooking and gardening, recreation, relaxation, personal growth, educational, environmental and creative. 

Vestigium povezuje zajednicu

-joga radionice

-eko plac i zelene košarice 

-kreativne radionice

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