conferences on nanomaterials

The conferences on nanomaterials (a growing field of research) will examine various aspects of their preparation, characterization and applications thanks to the participation of experts in the field.

Nanomaterials represent an expanding field of research interest. Their tiny size provides an increased surface and improves the interactions with their environment. That gives them different properties compared to materials of a bigger size. They have applications in various fields: life science, materials, catalysis, formulation… Nano-objects can be a tool towards sustainable development by contributing to improve health (applications in both treatment and diagnosis) and to produce more responsibly (applications in materials and catalysis that can limit energy consumption and waste generation).

During the conferences organized at ESCOM, experts in the field will present different aspects of the preparation, characterization and applications of nanomaterials. Here are some of the topics that will be discussed: drug delivery, diagnosis by medical imagery, catalysis, continuous flow, biomass valorization, polymerization in emulsion, nanocomposites…

Les nanomatériaux constituent un domaine de recherche en plein essor. Leur petite taille permet d’augmenter leur surface et les interactions avec le milieu environnant. Ceci leur confère des propriétés particulières par rapport aux matériaux de plus grands. Les nano-objets trouvent des applications dans des domaines variés : science du vivant, matériaux, catalyse, formulation. Ils constituent un outil vers le développement durable par leur contribution à la santé (pour le soin et le diagnostic) et la production plus responsable (diminution de la consommation d’énergie et de la production de déchets grâce aux nanomatériaux et catalyseurs).

Les conférences organisées par l’ESCOM permettront à des experts du domaine de discuter la préparation, la caractérisation et les applications des nanomatériaux. Parmi les thématiques abordées : imagerie médicale, délivrance de médicaments, catalyse, flux continu, valorisation de la biomasse, polymères en émulsion, nanocomposites…

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