Circular Solutions for Malta

Waste is often seen as a problem when it is in fact a resource. Seeing it as an opportunity allows Circular Economy principles to address SDGs. Malta presents its own unique challenges to circularity.

The Circular Economy concept complements the SDGs but is not in of itself one of the objectives. This seminar will illustrate how in practice, the implementation of circular waste solutions helps to achieve the SDGs, and what Malta’s challenges in this regard are, and how businesses might address them.


The event will detail the difference between a linear and a circular economy, and demonstrate the butterfly model of circular economy, with reference to case studies, to illustrate the importance for business.


Furthermore, the event will touch upon the EU legislative landscape around the circular economy concept, allowing businesses to look ahead and know what to expect.


The event will also tackle Malta’s understanding of energy efficiency as it tends to focus on operational carbon, rather than the carbon which goes into construction. Circular economy therefore intersects with recycled building materials and their impact on the carbon footprint of the construction industry.

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