Chantier de lutte contre les dépôts sauvages-Ramassage de pneus

Chantier bénévole de nettoyage de site, bordure littoral de Saint Benoît-Ramassage de pneus.

The DEAL has been offering and participating for 3 years in this tire collection action on the EAST coast of Reunion, at Ravine Saint-François.

There are still a large number of large tires on the site (truck type and others) which will need to be hoisted because they are too heavy for human handling.

The objective is to completely complete this cleaning action on the 2 kms of the littoral cordon and to ensure that new tires do not reappear.

After the operation, we will make sure that this waste goes through the waste reprocessing process, because this resource can be completely revalued for other purposes.

Let’s mobilize, participate!

NOTE / for this operation, 10 agents will be trained free of charge on site in safety rules by the company in charge of the helicopter hoisting operation.


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