Challenges and Opportunities for Tourism after COVID-19: Technological Innovation and Sustainable Development for the Revival of the Tourism Industry

Hybrid event held in the Canarian Islands to create a networking atmosphere focused on challenges faced by the Tourism Industry after COVID-19, exposing matters related to Sustainable Development.

This event was created to answer the scene after COVID-19 in the Tourism Sector. The intention is to look for innovative and sustainable solution in many aspect of tourism such as digitalization, employment, green mobility, renewable energy, health protection and innovative technologies. The event will last 2 days in 2 different venues in the Canarian Islands, divided in different blocks. If the health authorities allow it, there will be a face-to-face part retransmitted via online, designed in the format of conferences and round tables. The aim of the event is to reunite the public authorities and actors of the private sector in order to cooperate in the recovery of the tourist field contributing to the sustainable development in many different ways.

Este evento fue creado para responder al escenario provocado por la COVID-19 en el sector turístico. La intención es buscar soluciones innovadoras y sostenibles para diferentes aspectos del sector turístico como la digitalización, el empleo, movilidad verde, energías renovables, protección sanitaria e innovaciones tecnológicas. El evento durará dos días en dos localizaciones diferentes de las Islas Canarias. Si las autoridades sanitarias lo permitieran, habrá una parte presencial que será retransmitida vía online, diseñado en formato de conferencias y mesas redondas. El objetivo perseguido es reunir a las autoridades públicas y agentes del sector privado para cooperar en la recuperación del sector turístico, contribuyendo al desarrollo sostenible por diferentes vías.

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