Business Against Food Waste – Food Waste Reduction Webinar

Awareness raising webinar on food waste reduction, also featuring presentations on food swapping and organic waste separation.

While restaurants can go a long way to reduce waste in their own kitchens, a significant amount of food waste in restaurants is generated at the consumer side (e.g. leftovers). In this respect, the MBB launched an awareness raising campaign on food waste in October 2019, targeting businesses and their employees. This is being led by the MBB, in collaboration with ITS and the HSBC Malta CSR Institute, and supported by Wasteserv, the Malta Tourism Authority, and the Ministry for Tourism.

Join the 1-hour webinar where food waste and what we all can do to help reduce it in Malta will be discussed.

The topics covered include:

• Why food waste is a problem,

• Platforms to promote food swapping and combat food poverty, and

• Organic waste collection in commercial buildings.


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