Accendi il presente, illumina il futuro…

On June 5, 2015 at the Secondary school of Tricarico, will be presented the final work of the students of a third class about environmental sustainability and energy conservation.

“Turn on the present, illuminating the future” is the end result of a process on environmental sustainability and the use of the planet’s resources, led to a third class of the SSchool of Tricarico, Matera. Reflections, debates, readings, data analysis, took the boys to the creation of a “conscious guidance on energy saving” which analyzes all the main areas of interest that characterize the daily life of each of noi.Si is a Folding offering helpful advice on what to do to help save the planet, making sure our actions when we travel, when we move, in food, in the choice of materials and elettrodmestici to rearrange the houses, …. the work will be officially presented on June 5, 2015 at the premises of the Middle School in the presence of institutional representatives and delegates of the territory of the WWF.


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