A Part of EU 2030

A Part of EU is a project that aims to promote the participation of youth migrants, minorities and third countries nationals in the achievement of the 17 SDGs of the Agenda 2030.

A Part of EU promotes the engagement of young people in the process of active citizen participation towards achieving the 17 SDGs through 5 participation pathways: social and political participation; sport and culture; voluntarism; family and training and employment.

On September 26th, a radio enlightenment conversation program on the SDGs, specifically Goal 1 No Poverty, Goal 4 Quality Education, and Goal 16 Peace Justice and Strong Institutions, will be held at the African Media Association Web radio studio in Valletta as part of the project initiatives.

This talk show is to raise awareness, provide knowledge on the relevance of the SDGs, serve as publicity for the project’s initiative to support young migrants’ engagement in activities which contribute towards the achievement of the 17 global goals, and inspire young people to get involved through the five pathways to participation.


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