‘Forest Nearby’

‘Forest Nearby’ – a series of meetings for primary school students and nurdery pupils

The aim of the classes is to propagate knowledge about the forest and its exploration by  learning about its inhabitants, the ways of its protection and the benefits that  the forest offers to people.Forest knowledge is passed through games and contests.Pupils for example, learn about animals living in Polish forests, get guesswork, coloring books, solve riddles from the forest wheel of fortune. They also get to know the wildlife of Tuchola Forests.

 Classes are conducted on the school premises equipped with many educational materials. The classes are attended by falconers who talk about birds of prey; lumberjacks who familiarize students with tree felling process. The group of signalmen present hunting horns and teach how to play the instrument.

We are guided by the slogan: “Forest Nearby premises”.

Cykl spotkań w formie gier i zabaw dla uczniów szkół podstawowych i przedszkolaków.

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