Diversity of activities for ESDW!

The registration for activities to take place during the European Sustainable Development Week (30 May – 5 June) has just opened and already the diversity and creativity of activities registered is astounding.

The ESDW aims to foster a broad variety of activities promoting sustainable development to different audiences. This includes markets, festivals, community events, contests, education events, conferences, workshops, exhibitions, open house events, film screenings, theatre productions, excursions, trips, sport events and other activities.

See below a short list of example activities that are registered in Germany and Austria:

  • ‘Day of the Bicycle’ (Karlsruhe)
  • ‘E-mobility Day’ – Event for electric vehicles: Driving safety tests and obstacle course (Niederösterreich)
  • ‘Fair Fashion’ – Web-App to search for sustainable fashion (Steiermark)
  • ‘Free Energy-Check’ for family houses (Germany wide)
  • ‘Library Table’ – special on books, magazines and films on the topic sustainable development (Nürtingen)
  • ‘PrimaKlima-Menu’ – promoting regional food (Linkenheim-Hochstetten)
  • ‘Repair Café‘ meeting point to learn how to repair everyday item (Graz)
  • ‘Sport and integration without borders’ – day of sport to promote integration and health through exercise (Graben-Neudorf)
  • ‘The beauty and the beast’ – food waste workshop (Wien)
  • ‘Urban Gardening Project Youth Initiative’ (Stuttgart)
  • ‘Verschenkemarkt’ – promoting resource conservation through a market for giving away unwanted goods (Blankenburg)
  • Cooking course ‘Does our soup contribute to global warming? – kitchen and climate’ (Mannheim)
  • Exhibition ‘Sustainability for Baden-Württemberg!’ – multi-media exhibition on energy transition (Remseck)
  • Film screening ‘Living with the energy transition’ (Ketsch)
  • Guided tour ‘A Sustainable Farm’ (Lüneburg)
  • Guided Walks and Hikes ‘12th Biodiversity Day’ (Lokale Agenda 21 Hockenheim)
  • Presentation of projects ‘Sustainable Transport and Aviation’ (Stuttgart)
  • Project: ‘Collection of empty printer cartridges for environment and education’ 13000 schools and 5000 kindergartens taking part (Osnabrück)
  • Theme evening ‘Planet Waste’ (Salzburg)
  • Workshop ‘Video clips for a sustainable Magdeburg’ (Magdeburg)
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