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Open Science Cambre

Open Science Cambre is a science fair designed by young people and made for young people, with the main objective of linking Open Science and Sustainable Development Goals.


Diseño, producción y distribución de materiales divulgativos que versarán sobre la Agenda 2030 y los Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible

Salvemos los ecosistemas

Salvemos los ecosistemas es una hackathon para niños de 8 a 12 años en el que analizaremos los problemas de los ecosistemas

#ESDW2022. EdufiTalks 6: Sustainable finance

Sixth interview of this new section called EdufiTalks. José A. Díaz interviews José M. López, Coordinator of the Edufinet Financial Education Project, and Ryan Kissane, English teacher in Malaga.

Sant Pau and the Sustainable Development Goals

With up to 4,000 participants and more than a dozen activities on the programme, this festive and educational event will celebrate the UN SDGs in the context of a World Heritage site in Barcelona.


The planned cross-border session in the field of sustainable forest management will take place between different entrepreneurs and experts to share knowledge and create innovative solutions.


Session to understand how MSMEs are facing the challenge of decarbonisation and present business cases of how, by incorpporating this into the company strategy, this contributes to achieve the SDGs.

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