Explore the activities, events and projects that are registered to take place in Spain. Click on the pins in the interactive map, or select a project form the list to see more details.

Register your idea to add to the list. This will be reviewed by the national focal point listed below before it is published on the website. In case you have questions concerning the organisation of activities, projects and events in your country please contact your national focal point.

YOUTHSharing Experiences

The last 3 years the YOUTHShare project researches sustainable solutions to youth unemployment in Southern Europe. The event YOUTHSharing Experiences gives the floor to the people!

Concienciación de Empresas

Medimos la huella de carbono, proponemos nuevas medidas de movilidad sostenible personalizadas para cada trabajador y generamos el Plan de Movilidad Sostenible obligatorio para ciertas empresas


Annual delivery of Green Flags to Eco-Schools from Las Rozas Network who are committed with Sustainability and Green Education.

G de Gobernanza

Three online webinars devoted to ESG criteria (Environmental, social and governance).


FOREST WASTE TO ENERGY (FOIL – CILIFO): EU funding for innovative solutions in agricultural and forestry waste management | www.innovation.cilifo.eu | www.cilifo.eu |


Aquest focus group té l'objectiu d'intercanviar idees, materials educatius i didàctics on participaran especialistes de l'àmbit financer, econòmic i educatiu.

Tarde de Desarrollo Sostenible

Awareness campaign about the Agenda 2030 within the framework of the European Week for Sustainable Development 2021 for children and youth of the municipality.

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