Explore the activities, events and projects that are registered to take place in Griechenland. Click on the pins in the interactive map, or select a project form the list to see more details.

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17 Days 17 Goals

The Hellenic Platform for Development coordinated the largest raising awareness campaign in Greece for the Global Goals, within the framework of the project "Make Europe Sustainable for All".

Free Public Transport

Free movement in the city by public transport is a human right. Free movement with MMM will reduce air pollution, traffic jams, etc. A number of cities, the first being Tallinn, introduced free moveme

Heritage Driver & Enabler of Sustainability

NFGR aim at “…contributing to organizing a society in a way that ensures protection of the environment and nature, sustainability and social justice”

Arts, Education and Sustainability

Students of all ages will take part in the digital contest organized by the Municipality of Corinth in order to express their sustainable ideas through arts.

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