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Olympus Bike Challenge

The Olympus Bike Challenge is a unique cycling sports event. Its purpose is to highlight human potential along with cycling, which has always been the most efficient means of human transportation.

Humans and Places

The Folklore Centre of Kranidi aims to teach about humans and places, combining them with traditional values and folklore with a visit to a local winery.

Kidical Mass Greece

Kidical Mass is a worldwide movement. Cyclists of all ages, and particularly children, take over the streets to reclaim the road space and stress the importance of sustainable mobility.

Hiking on the Zero Waste Trail

Φτιάχνουμε μία λίστα με τις επιχειρήσεις του δήμου μας που συμβάλλουν στα μηδενικά απόβλητα, πεζοπορούμε μέσα στο Δήμο και καταγράφουμε με την εφαρμογή Wikiloc την διαδρομή που τις ενώνει.

«Stories sent by the forest»

Myths and tales featuring nature, trees, birds, flowers, enriched by folk melodic songs. A creative writing workshop will follow and the students will create stories based on the themes narrated.

ABC to SDG Lab

HELMEPA organizes for its members a series of workshops on the topic "ABC to SDG" in a joint effort to protect the coasts and seas.

11th Gallikos River Ecofestival

Birdwatching, seminars, workshops and games for the children: an event taking place in a Natura 2000 site 10 min. away from Greece’s second largest city.

Playing for Change

Environmental protection is a key issue & the question is: How do children deal with the environment? we shall teach them through activities how to protect it.


On October 7th, a conference about sustainable development will be held at Harokopio University. The conference will feature speeches by professors, students and business executives

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