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End educational inequality!

Educational inequality means that the difference in students results can be explained by factors out of their control (socio-economic background, parents education, native language).

25th Tartu MTB Marathon

Tartu MTB Marathon takes place on September 18th and invites all sports fans of different ages and level of training. Riders can choose between 89, 40 and 21 km distances.

IV Pärnumaa Rattaorienteerumine

Rattaorienteerumine on Pärnumaal korraldatav põnev kogupere liikumisharrastusüritus, mis on mõeldud tervele perele, sõltumata spordivarustuse tasemest ja oskustest.

Tund enne und mobla peost, naudi teost!

Libraries bring to the fore the importance of reading in developing creativity and improving mental health and concentration. By borrowing a book from the library, we reduce consumption together

Nature and culture in the rituals, narratives and beliefs

International conference “Nature and culture in rituals, narratives and beliefs” will be held at the Estonian Literature Museum. This is the 14th annual conference of the Center of Excellence for Estonian Studies and belongs to the conference series “Balkan...


The 17th Tallinn Design Festival will take place from 19 to 25 September 2022, focusing on issues related to sustainability and green design.

Rummu raba retk räätsadel

During the snowshoe- hike in Rummu raised bog, you will get to know the different stages of development of the swamp. We learn about the Rummu bog and its values as well as the bog biome and the effect of...

Keskkonnaagentuuri ringmajandusteemaline bingo

The environment agency will organise a game of bingo this year, which is related to the topic of circular economy. The main target group is internal, the staff of ca 200 people plus external communication on their social media...

Tervisetehnoloogia teaduskiirendi ideede arenduslaager

The Health Technology Science Accelerator brings together researchers, early-stage startups, and science-based business and product development specialists. The aim of the program is to identify scientific achievements in the field of health technologies with commercial potential and to bring...

Matsalu Nature Film Festival

Festival has been named after the nearby Matsalu National Park, which is one of the largest bird sanctuaries in Europe. We screen 60 latest nature documentaries from all over the world.


We delete unnecessary data and files - such as duplicate photos and videos - from our devices, to reduce our carbon footprint and stop climate warming.

Loenguõhtu: Kärt Ojavee ja Siim Karro tulevikumaterjalidest

During their lecture, designers Kärt Ojavee and Siim Karro will present innovative materials that offer eco-friendly alternatives to plastic and other synthetic materials that are detrimental to the planet. Agenda will be the folloring:   17.00 Kärt Ojavee ”...

Heategevuslik teatejooks

Relay race is the annual event which has gained popularity among the youth. It is a tradition which contributes to the wellbeing of children who are disabled.

TÜASK Spordinädala väljakutse

The pan-European Sports Week (23.09-30.09) starts on Friday, within the framework of which we invite everyone to spend a lot of time in the fresh air and the challenges of the sports week

Rohehommik- Kuidas muuta oma äri kestlikuks?

Rohehommik is a community event full of fresh ideas and inspiring stories for green startups, companies creating energy-efficient solutions, environmental activists and visionaries with ideas for world change. We bring you relevant initiatives, motivating people and the latest trends...

Vapramäe educational hike for biodiversity

Small group of people will go hiking into a protected nature area. Together with a guide from Estonian Fund for Nature we will see the special diversity of the area and how to protect biodiversity

Digital Construction 2022

Digital Construction 2022 will take place for the fourth time on 23-25 September to create a prototyping platform for the digitalization of the construction industry.

19. Haanja100 MTB

19. Haanja100 will have two starts on 24.09 – at 7:00 a.m. the mile riders will start and at 8:30 a.m. the 100km riders will start, led by Latvian Martins Blums, the sixth man of the World Mountain Bike...

Quest and garbage picking// Retk ja koristus

We gather together and start a quest around the district. Quest will be held with Action Bound app. On our way we will solve quiz, pick up trash and get accuainted with Paevalja and Laagna districts

12. Kolme koolimaja jooks

The running event of three school houses started in 2011, when the school family celebrated the school house's 50th birthday. The event has now become a tradition.

Seljametsa Mihklipäeva pärimuspäev

The sixth traditional day at Paikuse Rahvamaja will take place on the 24th of September. The activities include: Making pate and doing other crafts. There will also be: 14.00 presentation of the history book “Pictures from Around the World”...

Väljakutse “Rattaga trenni” 26.09-30.09

In the last week of September (September 26-30), in cooperation with sports clubs, UT exercise laboratory and the city of Tartu, Estonia’s first “Exercise by bike” campaign will take place, within the framework of which we invite all Tartu...

Food Loss and Waste Reduction week

The campaign engages communities to raise awareness of food waste and bring it to the food circular cabinets. Tree municipalities and schools are involved.

Tartu Student Days

Tartu Student Days is a week-long student festival that brings together various events dedicated to students.

Toidukao vähendamise nädal

September 29, 2022 is the International Day to Reduce Food Loss. According to the UN, nearly ⅓ is wasted every year. of edible food. The purpose of Food Loss Reduction Day is to raise awareness of the

Võrumaa Orienteerumispäevak

Orienteering Wednesdays in Võrumaa take place from spring to autumn, and there are three of them during the period of the European Sustainable Development Week – orientation days in Paidra, Palomõtsa and Jõeveere talu. In orienteering competitions, you can...

Võrumaa koolinoorte sügisene murdmaajooks

The length of cross-country running courses is 500m – 3000m. Participation is intended for schoolchildren who can register through their teachers. The race results and instructions are available on the website of the Võrumaa Sports Association. Additional information is...

Suur Tervisepäev

Suur Tervisepäev or Wellness Day Suur is organised by the team of Toitumisnõustaja+ . It is free for everyone and covers various wellness-related topics presented by various experts. The goal of the Wellness Day is to unpack the meaning...

XXV Avatud Ühiskonna Foorum: Kliimamuutused ja ränne

The open Society Forum “Climate change and migration” will take place this year on September 29 from 13:00 to 17:30 in Fotografiska in Tallinn in cooperation with the NGO Mondo. The climate crisis may have been briefly overshadowed by...

Waste School for the Elderly

Teaching and training elderly people to sort waste in a right way. Our teacher will be from the Estonian Environment Ministry. It contains theory and practice.

Waste School for the Elderly

Teaching and training elderly people to sort waste in a right way. Our teacher will be from the Estonian Environment Ministry. It contains theory and practice.

Friday Night Run

Friday Night Run is an event, which is a part of the City Marathon. It as a fun and exciting atmosphere and there are new performers before the run every year. The distance is 4km and in the end,...

Evecon Suusasemud Rullsuusasari – Keila

The Evecon 2022 roller ski marathon will also happen in Keila on October 1. The schedule is as follows: The competition center opens at 10:30 On-site registration closes at 11:30 At 11:50 the competition track is closed for warm-ups...

11. Tartu Linnamaraton

In the beginning of October the running fans are welcome to the Estonian university town Tartu! Tartu City Marathon tracks guide the runners throught all beloved parts in town and are considered as the most exciting marathon courses in...

11th Tartu City Marathon

11th Tartu City Marathon takes place on October 1st. There are marathon, half-marathon and 10 km distances available. The program includes also popular and beloved kids races.

Poliitik metsa! KUTSETEGA

Riigikantselei kutsel osaleb PEM säästva arengu nädalal ning kutsub poliitikud metsa, et panustada säästva arengu eesmärkidesse. Tutvustame pesitsusrahu vajalikkust läbi praktiliste näidete.

Impact Day

Impact Day is the largest sustainable business festival in the Baltics, where you will find like-minded people, fresh ideas and knowledge on how to go even further with your words and actions.

Tervikliku Eluviisi Alused 2023 kursuse tutvustus

Gaia’s Academy will present it’s course “Fundamentals of a holistic life” 2023. The course reoccurs annually on the basis of Ecovillage Design Education (EDE), which focuses on learning the necessary practises for creating community projects basing on holistic lifestyle....

Forest biomass awareness event

We will meet in the Town Hall Square, move around and spread information about the consequences of EU countries subsidizing forest biomass for energy use.

Evecon Suusasemud Rullsuusasari – Haanja

The roller skiing series, which occurs all over Estonia, has reached Võru County this time. The length of the ski distance is 40 km, and registration is possible here: https://www.sportos.eu/ee/et/evecon-suusasemud-rullsuusasari-2022?fbclid=IwAR2BKnOrfcKfZfwZ1U3M7Gf59Nt064IEhSSssXFWsWv1hD4Fx8W_ZrFc28M Additional information about the event series: https://www.facebook.com/suusasemud/

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