Please register your activity, event or project promoting sustainable development and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) here. The theme categories for ESDW activities are the SDGs. For more information on the 17 SDGs and their targets please click on the icons below. Activities in Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany and Hungary can be registered on their external websites.


    ESDW activities should take place between 20 September – 26 September. In case an activity is scheduled over a time period of multiple days, at least one of these days needs to be within the week of 20 September – 26 September. However, events will still be accepted that fall between 18 September - 08 October.

    Countries that are not in this list have external websites. Please access these through the map on the 'home' page.

    The position of the pin will be calculated by your given address information. In case of incorrect placement you are able to move the pin to its exact location.

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    Yes Help show that our actions are part of a larger global movement. Publish your event on, an initiative of the United Nations SDG Action Campaign, to mobilize actions for the Sustainable Development Goals. If you wish for your event to appear on the UN SDG Action Campaign website, please do not forget to check this box on the left side.

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